Response has Two Different Types

After listening person's massage, we reply to him/her with one of two types of responses, "Reactive response" or "Confirmative response".

These classification and terms are the original of Yoshio Asano.

The classification, "Reactive response" and "Confirmative response", makes it easy to explain the process and effects of dialog (communication).

An example of a message and the responses


Sleep did not come to me till late because I have something on my mind recently.

Reactive response;


Confirmative response;


The difference of the effect between the two types

1. The effect of "Reactive response" is irregular with various conditions (the relationship between persons, feeling of each other at that time, contents and intonation of the massage, etc.), so "Reactive response" is risky in no small way.

2. "Confirmative response" is effective to deepen mutual understanding and rapport between the persons in any case.

The general rule of the "Dialogue Method" is restated like this;

To reply with "Confirmative response" before "Reactive response".


As usual, "Reactive response" is commonly called;
ordering, directing, warning, threatening, moralizing, preaching, advising, lecturing, teaching, judging, criticizing, disagreeing, blaming, praising, agreeing, ridiculing, shaming, analyzing, diagnosing, sympathizing, consoling, supporting, probing, questioning, etc.

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