What's the "Dialogue Method" ?

The term and the skill of the "Dialogue Method" was newly coined by Yoshio Asano in 1994.
That is based on "active listening" which is popular as one of the basic skills used in psychotherapy, coaching, interview, etc.

Definition of the "Dialogue Method"

"Dialogue Method" is one of the simplified communication skills the object of which is to spread the concept and the skill of active listening and empathic understanding those are effective to prevent misunderstanding and to make rapport in all of the situation of a dialogue.

The general rule of the "Dialogue Method" is;

Before telling your own thoughts and / or feelings, confirm in your own words a point of the massage the speaker wants to say.

The essence of the "Dialogue Method" is the "point confirmation skill".

The "confirmation skill" is effective when;

After "confirming the point", we may tell our opinion and feeling.

We may omit "confirmative response" when dialogue is going well.

Characteristics of the "Dialogue Method"

"Dialogue Method" aims at;


The theory and the skill of the "Dialogue Method" are not necessarily new, but these're effective to popularize the "listening skill" because of the simplicity.

The first group to practice the "Dialogue Method" started at Kiryu City in 1994.

And now, we can have the chance to practice it in;

Tokyo, Gunma, Fukushima, Niigata areas in Japan.

Institute of Dialogue Method

2-6 Miyoshi-cho, Kiryu, Gunma, Japan

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